We are Cultural Engineers

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VM2: The Experience

We are cultural engineers who create brand devotion through building unique immersive experiences at the intersection of story, brand and human.

Consumer engagement is an ever-changing landscape, so we have set ourselves ahead by utilizing our in-house creative assets and technology innovations making VM2 a powerhouse to design influential experiences.

We build brand affinity - implementing thoughtful crafted strategy, creative design and production melded into a seamless whole.



Ideation + Strategy

With so many moving parts, our logistics planning investigates every possibility and outcome, as well as examining every element to ensure punctual arrival on budget and on brand.


Creative  + 3D Design  

Our creatives engineer and transform environments into immersive brand experiences, keeping them smart, fluid, seamless and impactful. 


Production + Activation

With our fabrication and 3D printing facilities located in Brooklyn, we can guarantee that anything we dream, we can build with the fastest and most efficient turnaround time. 


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our mission

To design experiences that move people emotionally, provide powerful, positive and long-lasting memories and to leverage these experiences to impact and influence the evolving culture of which we are active participants.


we are VM2